Chapter 10, page 29

The end of Merceneiress was supposed to happen long ago.  Believe it or not, what greatly influenced me were your comments and thoughts, spurring my imagination, including the times when I was dealing with difficult situations (such as a loved one passing away).  The original ending of Merceneiress was more definitive when I originally scripted it years ago — this ending leaves opportunities for much more with young Tirin in possession of old Tirin’s history – what will she do with this information?  How will it influence her life?  Is old Tirin truly condemned to an existence of Slorn slavery?  However, I have to confess that my desire to continue in cgi webcomic form has waned.  There are many reasons for this — one of them is that it is a relatively expensive way of telling a story (I’m not a modeler, as you know, I buy all my models from DAZ or Renderosity or other sites).  I would love to create fantastic models myself quickly, but I don’t have that skill set.  Also, it takes a lot of time to set up the scenes, which, I don’t have a lot of time to do — hence the reason for the low frequency update schedule, which has always bothered me.  I have considered continuing in text format (perhaps with some pictures interspersed).  Text has unlimited possibilities, but it’s just not the same as a graphic novel.

At the very least, I am going to take a break — I may come back with changed attitude/interest.  Maybe I’ll use this time to learn modeling (like ZBrush) so that I can create my own characters and scenes — or more likely, I may start posting in text format.  I know many of you will not be happy with this, and I will lose webcomic fans, but if you’re interested in the story, I hope you will stay (even if in text format).  I wanted to inform you of why I am making this decision.  I am very thankful for everyone who has read, commented and voted for Merceneiress throughout the years.  Your comments/thoughts have influenced this comic greatly, I truly couldn’t have done it without you.




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  1. Lunaroki

    It’s always sad to see a great webcomic come to an end. I’m certainly going to miss Merceneiress, but at least I can look forward to it returning someday in whatever new form it takes. Best of luck with deciding how to move things forward. Your fans will be eagerly awaiting your return.

  2. Krulle

    Re. page: Tirin does not seem to be very honest in her replies, yet it’s something she can do, and is willing to do to stay alive.
    Does she use a soul toaster to get rid of the bodies? Then she could use the souls to gain a lot of information to allow herself to hide from the Slorn in later time paths… (Actually, I don’t think she had one when she went back in time, and she invented them only later, and under supervision of the Slorn she might not have had time to re-invent something that complex.

    Re. post:
    Thank you for thiswonderful trip.
    Loved every page of it.
    Take your time, and I will continue checking in for a while, and sometime I hope to read more.
    Thank you!

  3. maileguy

    Thanks for the trip. As long as RSS is alive, I’ll be with your updates!

  4. Eva

    Oups! it is my best webcomic among about 300 seen arround and I was eager to see how the time workers interact with the slorns and between themself, do they have free time? Holidays ? Why do they are so many time anomaly ? Are they dealing with their real body or a copy that can stay fore ever inside a robot etc…
    Come back soon!

    • Krulle

      Yeah. It looks as if Tirin is a mere slave, now.
      She does not have a name anymore, she is agent 613, and is (pretending to) live the cult of the Slorn, and adresses her contact as “Lord Etrusillion”.
      That’s not really Tirin, yet she is one who knows how to play for time and await the moment to escape…

  5. HSishi

    Yes, it’s sad to see a webcomic’s ending but the story developed to that point. Tirin’s friends are either dead or living their lifes in different timelines, maybe even with Tirin’s dad alive. Tirin’s biggest enemy is dead and she at least can exist further instead of just wiped out of existence because her timeline got altered in her youth.

    Maybe she finds a way to get out of the Slorn’s slavery … but this story will be told at another time.
    Same goes for young Tirin’s knowledge of a future an alternate version of her lived already.

    I’ll come by and check from time to time, as long as the RSS feed exists and got updated.

    So long then, Steve, and enjoy your break.

  6. Custom avatar

    A little sad ending, but there are still options .. Thanks for this great webcomic

  7. Gene Wirchenko

    Wow, this really goes on the “Or not.” side of my previous strip comment. It makes sense to end here, but I was still blindsided.

    On the positive side, the outbreak of orange circle disease appears to have been contained.

  8. Osty

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. I have enjoyed it very much and hate to guess at the number of hours it represents.

    Art verbal or graphic has to say something you fell needs saying and life is too short to not spend it doing things that you love.

    Whatever form you decide to continue with please leave a link here so we can all find you.

    Best of luck and thanks again for a wonderful ride.


  9. Lloyd

    Thank you for a wonderful story! And for your future story telling endeavours (Canadian spelling), Congratulations! and Have Fun!

  10. softspot

    I’m really sorry the series came to an end… I loved reading it and enjoyed every single issue. I hope to see more work from you in future (if they are no time-anomalies of course) ;)
    Thanks for many hours filled with quality-comic-time.

    • Ol' Gui

      Softspot has said what I wanted to say so all I can do is agree. Your story telling was nicely enhanced by the graphics. Thank you for your time, effort and generousity. I hope your artistic spark can rekindle again and give you joy.

  11. JO:)

    Well wow! It has been a cool trip you took us on:) Thanks always for the entertainment! Yes, your story/updates have been a bright spot on dark days for me. Thanks for finding a solid spot to park, and informing us of what is going down. I will be happy to follow any medium you wish to pursue, but if your muse takes you elsewhere, I will miss ya, but the good memories I have of visiting here will endure:)
    Well done sir!
    Best Wishes and Godspeed!

  12. Anonymous

    Here’s hoping it will let me post anonymously–I get enough spam.

    If you like it as a graphic novel–and I’ll say I do think it works best that way–why not go to hand drawn? Of course, if your ability to draw anything by hand is as nonexistent as mine I’ll understand, but that would be a good compromise. No expensive models, no having to learn model-making for yourself, and your fans still have the “graphic” part of a graphic novel!

  13. Weiser

    Anyway: Congrats! You finally did it, and so you belong to the lucky 1% who manage to finish an epic webcomic!

  14. Ed Bonderenka

    Thank you for the effort and entertainment. Well done.

  15. lurker

    Thanks for the story! I was kinda feeling like thing were shutting down. For a style of text-comic interleave that works for me, you might want to check out Erfworld. Anyway, take a well-deserved rest!

  16. scriabin

    Thanks for this wonderful epic! I just discovered it a month or two ago, devoured all pages and was hoping it could go on forever. I really liked your visual style, the creativity and artistry behind your work! There are still plenty of possibilities to explore in the story, but for now this is a satisfying conclusion. And I wish you all the best for your future endeavors!

  17. RockB

    Me too: Thanks for the trip, indeed, And even though every ending is a bit saddening, I love this one – it’s better than anything I imagined :) and leaves the opportunity to take the whole thing up again, perhaps at one of a few possible points…

    Graphic quality was/is top level on my list, there’s only one other that might be better at times. It’s very visible that the creation of the pages took time but I prefer quality over quantity for sure.

    Now that I had it as a graphic novel, I think that text-only would be a loss – but it depends…

    About moving to hand-drawn: The author of Twilight Lady eventually hired(?) an artist after doing some episodes as renderings (or strongly based on renderings). In that special case I still think that the change to drawings was not good, but here it might work better.

    So yeah. Have a great 2014 and when you come back (as I hope) there are many options for the story and the making :) Most important:

    Have fun!!

  18. Eldrin

    It tears my heart out a little to know you’re thinking of ending this wonderful comic, but I can understand your reasoning. Merceneiress has been a high point of my week for a long time, and the story is one of the best on the web. When you come back, I’ll read the comic no matter what format it’s in! Have a good break and I await your return!

  19. Custom avatar

    Thanks so much for the story, hope you enjoy your break, and yeah, hope you do continue in some fashion. I like the idea of a text ‘novel’ with pictures, heh i read enough fanfic as it is :)

  20. zenla

    So she fought it for so long just to come back to the same old shit. That a kinda……
    Well damn it was stilll worth checking every week for years.

  21. Karyl

    Well, I’m bummed! I know it had to end sometime, but didn’t expect it now, somehow. I do hope you’ll keep working in CGI somewhat though because, damn, dude, you are excellent at it! Maybe you could supply some models to DAZ or poser and make some $ from it. :D

  22. Anonymous

    My vote is that you run a Kickstarter to fund the models. It solves two problems for you. Granted you would still be spending copious amounts of time for us. Option two is to find an artist that you can work with and have them draw your visions. This is the harder of the two because you need to embed your vision into another person and its not an easy thing to do.

    Just my two cents, but I will still come back to read this regardless. I’ve been reading since the end of chapter 2 and will still support your endevors. but Please update this site so that we know what is going on! I would greatly appreciate it.

  23. Brianna Ort

    Thank you for all the memories, Steve.

  24. quarktime

    Don’t sweat it.

    The stories drive us to tell them, but sometimes they drive us beyond our ability or our strength. We can’t tell that story anymore because it is too much for us to tell. So we change stories, of which there is never a lack. We may change the instrument we play, the cadence of our speech, the method by which we tell. We may tell it with artwork, with sculpture, with words, with music. We may tell it with people sitting around us on the floor listening intently, or distantly, through the pages of a book, or with great speed, our words carried to the world through the Internet.

    Or we may simply be talking to a small child we love, telling a story so they can sleep happily and dream deeply.

    I do a 3d comic that I build in Second Life. The characters aren’t very hard to make, just a little time consuming, and not expensive. The scenery takes some skill to build if it cannot simply be found amongst the works of others. What takes the time is cleaning it up so it looks the best it can look, compositing, establishing a flow from one image to another exactly as a penciller does on paper when creating a traditional comic. It’s a lot of work.

    Frequently, the only joy we get from it is that we are telling the stories that compel us to tell them.

    Relax. Find your voice again. The important part is that the stories be told.

  25. talantus

    hey, i read this comic from begining to end and while i am a little sad to see it end, i am glad i got to read it. you don`t see a lot of comics nowaday that actually get to the end. you said your story and went trough with it and you have all my respect for doing it till the end.

    not gonna lie, i kinda wanted to know more but there is a certain charm to stories that ends like this because it leave us( the reader) the freedom of immaginating what follows and who know? you might get some fanfics out of that with a little luck ^_^

    in any case. thank you, thank you for this great story.

    hope to see another of your work out there ^_^

  26. Anonymous

    Hey good luck in whatever you chose to do : )

    Also if you want to learn to model, you might look at Blender 3D, its free and also comes with a lot of similar features to zbrush and 3dsmax.

  27. shadowfire87

    I will say this as one who has followed this story from the beginning, through the first “break off”, the re-launch and now the “ending”: I will follow this story no matter what format it is in: manga, anime, text, Morse Code, whatever. I am glad you gave yourself some wiggle room to continue this story. Who knows, we might see Oscar again as he tells the story from his point of view.

    With that said I hope to see your passion re-ignited and see more than just this story from you Steve. As a person with stories still in my head, you are an inspiration to me that one day I will be able to do what you are doing now.


  28. cap'ngooch

    I, too, am sad to see Tirin and crew leave but do hold out hope that you will be able to come back and tell us more of her/their story in whatever format you choose. I’ll keep checking back.
    All the Best in all you do.

    cap’n gooch

  29. .45caliberjim

    Thank you for the story and I too hope that this isn’t the end. I’ll be checking back to see. Again, thank you.

  30. Krulle

    I hope you’re doing fine, and that your projects go well!

    • SJC

      Thank you Krulle! Yes, been busy with work and family. Thanks for asking and hope you are well also.

      • Krulle

        Good to read.
        And yes, I am well…
        Click you soon!

  31. Custom avatar

    Just a thought. Now the story has finished, would it be worthwhile making the page 1 cover come up as the first image. That way any new reader sees the first page, rather than the last *spoilers* :)

    • SJC

      Good recommendation — been meaning to do this, but there is this little nagging voice… there is still a tiny chance I may continue…

  32. Custom avatar

    Checking back again. Hope you are fine and still hoping for some more.
    Kind regards.

    • SJC

      Thank you, Karaz — chances are slim, but still a nagging voice in my head whispers continue — lots of stuff happening that would not allow at this time, but maybe in the future?

      • Krulle


        Feel free to share some of them as short stories… In txtform…

        Best wishes!

  33. Krulle

    Merry Christmas!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you! Merry Christmas to you, Krulle!

  34. Doctor Seuth

    Hey, just wanted to say, thank you for the great story, great characters, good plotting, amazing action!

    And triple-thank-you for taking the time to wrap it up after ‘things got in the way’… that really highlights your commitment (and character).

    Cheers, and hope to see your work again someday!

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